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FARETARTM Magnesium hydroxide is an excellent halogen-free flame retardant for plastic and rubber products. It is also a flue gas desulfurizer in environmental protection, and it can replace caustic soda and lime as neutralizer of acid containing wastewater and adsorbent of heavy metals. In addition, it can also be used in the electronics industry, medicine, sugar refining, as thermal insulation materials and manufacturing other magnesium salt products.

We divide magnesium hydroxide into MDH-R series, MDH-N series and MDH-A series through the differences in purification, content and synthesis methods.

FARETARTM MDH-R series are made of high quality brucite and processed by particle size grading process. They are characterized by fine particle size with narrow particle size distribution.

FARETARTM MDH-N series are produced by ammonia cycle process and the raw material is MgCl2 and NH4Cl. It is characterized high purity and good whiteness

FARETARTM MDH-A series are produced by chemical synthesized method and the raw material is MgCl2 and NaOH. Besides very high purity, the product has a regular hexagonal flake structure which provides the excellent dispersibility.

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