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Product description

FARETARTM CDP is a widely used flame retardant with good comprehensive properties. It can be applied to plastic, resin, rubber, etc.

Molecular Structure
Chemical Name Cresyl Diphenyl Phosphate
Formula C19H17O4P
CAS Number 26444-49-5
Molecular Weight 340
Appearance Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid
Density (25°C, g/cm3) 1.21
Phosphorus content (wt. %) 9.1(Theory)


Comparable grade

Kronitex CDP




Good compatibility with plastics,resins and rubbers

Good oil resistance

Excellent electrical properties

Excellent hydrolytic stability

Low volatility

Good low temperature resistance




FARETARTM CDP is widely used in plastics, resins and rubbers.

It is mainly used for various soft PVC products and engineering plastics, especially transparent and flexible PVC products.

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