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Product description

FARETARTM Br SBS is a flame retardant synthesized by bromination of SBS (Styrene Butadiene-Styrene Block Copolymer). It has a stable polymer structure and is not easy to be absorbed by organisms through biofilm, thus reducing the harm to organisms and making it safer.


Molecular Structure
Chemical Name Brominated SBS
Formula Polymer
CAS Number 1195978-93-8
Molecular Weight Polymer
Bromine content (theoretical), % 64
Appearance White Powder
Specific gravity, g/cm3 1.9


Comparable grade

Emerald 3000

ICL FR122p



High efficiency

Excellent thermal stability

Good UV resistance

Environmental protection



FARETARTM Br-SBS is a very efficient flame retardant, which is mainly used in EPS and XPS foam materials. Compared with HBCD which has been banned by most countries, FARETARTM Br-SBS has better flame-retardant effect, and will not cause environmental problems, nor will it produce toxic and harmful substances that can be accumulated in the body of organisms, consequently, it can be used as a perfect substitute for HBCD.

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