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Product description

FARETARTM BEO is an oligomer synthesized from TBBA (Tetrabromobisphenol A), which has excellent flame retardant effect. It can be divided into EP type and EC type according to different capping group. The former is terminated by epoxy group, and the latter is terminated by tribromophenoxy group.


Molecular Structure
Chemical Name Brominated Epoxy Oligomer
Formula C3H5O(C18H16O3Br4)nC18H15Br4O2
CAS Number 68928-70-1
Molecular Weight Oligomer
Bromine content (theoretical), % 53
Appearance Light yellow particle
Specific gravity, g/cm3 1.8


Comparable grade

ICL F-2000 series



Good electrical properties, UV resistance, thermal stability and aging resistance effect

Better adhesion than traditional epoxy resin

Excellent self-fire-retardant property

No corrosive gas during combustion



 BEO is widely used in the shell of printers, computers, printed circuit boards and electronic components.
FARETARTM BEO with high polymerization degree can be used as a flame retardant additive for PBT, PET, PA66 and other engineering plastics; FARETARTM BEO with low polymerization degree can be used as reactive flame retardant to synthesize epoxy resin, phenolic resin, unsaturated polyester, etc.

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