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Product description

FARETARTM TBBA is a highly pure flame retardant containing very stable aromatic bromine. It can be used as a reactive or additive flame retardant.


Molecular Structure
Chemical Name Tetrabromobisphenol-A
Formula C15H12Br4O2
CAS Number 79-94-7
Molecular Weight 543.7
Bromine content (theoretical), % 58.5
Appearance White Powder
Specific gravity, g/cm3 2.18

Comparable Grade

Chemtura BA-59P

Albemarle Saytex CP-2000

ICL FR-1524



Good flame retardant effect and high cost efficient

Good compatibility with ABS, HIPS etc

Endow the material with impact strength and UV stability

Better flame retardant effect when synergizing with antimony trioxide



FARETARTM TBBA can be used as a reaction monomer in the synthesis of epoxy resin, vinyl ester and polycarbonate materials.

FARETARTM TBBA can also be used as additive flame retardant and is widely used in the processing of ABS and HIPS materials.

FARETARTM TBBA can also be used as an intermediate to synthesize other complex flame retardants, such as BDDP, BEO, etc.

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