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FARETARTM CP-70 is mainly used as an additive flame retardant, which has high efficiency in cooperation with antimony trioxide. It can be used in polyolefin, polyester, polyurethane, natural rubber and synthetic rubber to make flame retardant products. It can be blended with other paints to make fireproof paint. It can also be used as a surface treatment agent for fabrics, packaging materials and PVC products.


General information

Chemical Name:

Chlorinated paraffin



CAS Number


Molecular Weight


FARETARTM CP-70 is white or pale-yellow solid powder. Its chemical structure is almost completely saturated and It has the following properties fine fire-retardant, chemical reagent resistance, compatibility, anti-deteriorate and heat stabilization. So it's an additive fire-retardant of fine comprehensive performance.


It is extensively used rubber and plastic goods as fire-retardant for fire-retardant cable, fireproof coating, polyester, ABS, polystyrene and epoxy resin etc. It can also be used as fireproof additives for printing ink and modifier for paper marking industry. It is used in other industries such as fiber industry as plasticity agent and surface treatment agent for fabric etc.

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