Sustainability is a major success factor for the future of Faretar and is firmly integrated into all of our decision-making processes. We strongly believe that sustainable business management and practices will contribute to our company’s long-term business success and strengthen our leading position in the market.

Faretar are committed to providing a work environment that ensures the health and safety of all employees and to conducting business in an ethical way that increasingly benefits society, the economy, and the environment.

Health and Safe

Healthy and safe working conditions are a fundamental human right and maintaining strong occupational safety and health programs at our facilities is central to our culture. We highly focus on our commitment to prevent injury and ill health to our employees, contractors, visitors and the community.

We devoted to supply best flame retardant to protect lives and our communities.

Faretar constantly monitor and manage environmental risk and comply with all regulations and permits. We just only want to build the home with less pollution and give the best growth environment to our children.

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