20220624164701.jpgBased on the salt brine chemical industry, Faretare makes full use of the local high concentration of brine water resources, extracts bromine from brine, and deep processing bromine into brominated flame retardant. With years experience of  flame retardant production and application technology, Faretar successfully developed more than 20 varieties of FR products in brominated , Phosphate-Nitrogens and Inorganic flame retardant, which meets various requirements of our customers in different markets. We own salt field with high concentration of brine which offers rich  bromine resources.The proprietary technology is used to produce different types of flame retardants by chemical reaction of bromine.

The production process is automated and part of the process is visualized.With integrate product chain from bromine, to some intermediates and then to various flame retardants. Cooperate with  universities, research institutes and laboratories and concentrate on technology of environmental friendly flame retardants.
Test equipment: The company is equipped with complete test instruments which can analyze and test various indicators from raw materials to finished products. Such as elemental chemical analysis, oxygen index OI, whiteness, particle size, melting point, density, mechanical properties, DSC, MFR, pH, ash, thermal stability, etc.
Masterbatch production line: There are two granulation production lines, which can be used for granulation of flame retardants with different hygiene requirements.

20220624165401.jpgThe technical center has four functional parts: analysis room, flame retardant room, seawater comprehensive utilization room and bromide room which are responsible for the analysis and detection of all items, the development and application of flame retardants, the development and application of seawater resources and bromine. Development of compounds and intermediates.Faretare has established cooperation with four universities to develop workstations. With company’s practical experience and rich theory and R&D capabilities of universities, Faretare has developed several new products and new production processes which improve the company's competitiveness obviously.

The company owns a core experienced R&D team composed of high-quality personnel with high and intermediate titles and has strong R&D experience and capabilities from project initiation - development trials - analytical testing - product application.

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