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Faretar Flame Retardant Technology Co.,Ltd. is specialized in production, R&D, and sale of halogenated (brominated, chlorinated), nitrogen, phosphorus and inorganic series flame retardants.
Faretar attaches great importance to product quality, has advanced equipment, implements strict testing standards and scientific quality management system, so as to provide customers with products with excellent performance and stable quality. In addition, Faretar can also provide customers with professional early-stage technical consultation, formula design and later-stage on site problem solving services. With years of application experience in flame 2(8).jpgretardant products, reliable product quality, ability to quickly solve problems and deep understanding of the market, Faretar has become a stable supplier and partner for customers in Europe, America, South Korea, Japan and other more than 30 countries.
Parent company: Faretar is a subsidiary of Sundow Polymers Co., Ltd. Sundow is the world leading chlorinated polymer supplier. Its main products WellprenTM CPE (chlorinated polyethylene), SurplaTM CPVC, SurprenTM chloroprene rubber, etc. are exported to more than 80 countries and enjoy a high reputation worldwide. Sundow has a stable customer base and a professional technical service team, which can support 
Faretar to expand the sales market, quickly respond to customer needs and solve customer technicaldifficulties. For more information about Sundow, please refer to the website:

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